Sakura Solid Marker Slim

SolidA® Marker Slim is known in the industrial world as the tough marker for tough jobs

  • Solidified paint stick in a slimmer barrel and tip for smaller marks and home use
  • Solid Marker marks virtually any surface, anywhere and at any angle
  • Marks through dust, rust, and water!
  • Easy twist action Solid Marker paint stick dries within minutes and is permanent once dry
  • Wona€™t fade or wash off like chalk and is ideal for use on wood, cloth and canvas, plastic, steel and iron, rubber, cardboard, glass, and concrete
  • Solid Marker Slim is quick-drying and virtually odorless
  • Working temperature range: 14A°F to 392A°F (-10A°C to 200A°C)
  • Alcohol based cleaners will remove the paint from non-porous surfaces