Sakura Solid Marker

For big tough jobs, choose the popular Solid Marker

It markers through oil, grease, rust, mud, snow - inside or outside. It is absolutely permanent. Solid markers won't fade or wash off like chalk. The special "stay fresh" twist top keeps paint fresh and ready to use.

  • Used by divers to mark things underwater
  • Used on construction sites to label anything exposed to the weather
  • Used by auto recyclers to mark sheet metal, auto parts and windows
  • Applications: steel, rubber, cloth, plastic, cardboard, wood, glass, concrete and stencil craft projects
  • Available in 11 Colors:
White — SK46580 White — SK46580
Black — SK46581 Black — SK46581
Blue — SK46582 Blue — SK46582
Red — SK46583 Red — SK46583
Green — SK46584 Green — SK46584
Purple — SK46586 Purple — SK46586
Orange — SK46587 Orange — SK46587
Yellow — SK46588 Yellow — SK46588
Flourescent Lemon — SK46591 Flourescent Lemon — SK46591
Flourescent Orange — SK46592 Flourescent Orange — SK46592
Flourescent Pink — SK46592 Flourescent Pink — SK46592


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