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Staedtler Mars Masterbow Compass Set

Limited Edition Staedtler Mars Masterbow Compass 9-Piece Set

This Staedtler Masterbow Compass 9-Piece set includes:

  • Metal compass with double hinged legs for accurate and convenient setting, and a center wheel. Maximum circle drawn: 10 3/4"; with exention bar: 20". Overall length 6"
  • Metal springbow compass features hinged leg and center wheel with interchangeable pencil/pen part. Maximum circle drawn: 3 1/2". Overall compass length 4" inches.
  • Includes extension bar 5561 80 WP, Masterbow Divider 5561 55 WP, ruling pen and handle 5561 72 WP, and compass adapter
  • Spare parts tube includes two pieces of lead and one needle point/shoulder point
  • Plastic case with hinged lid

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SKU: MS556109
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