Staedtler Karat® Aquarelle Crayons

If you love versatility in an art medium, you'll love these professional-quality artist's crayons. They deliver strong, brilliant, lightfast color and stand up to pressure, rigourous coloring, and blending. Dip the crayon directly into water, apply water with a brush, or color onto a wet area for beautiful and easy watercolor effects.

Perfect for multi-media pieces, these crayons are fully compatible with watercolor pencils and watercolors, and can be combined with tradtional colored pencils or pen and ink.

  • Premium quality  Karat Aquarell watercolor crayons for a wide range of creative effects in attractive storage tin
  • Can apply on a variety of paper colors
  • Achieves a dramatic look on dark paper
  • Use dry or with water for color washes, shading and blending
  • Crayons lay down thick great for coloring large areas and for scratch art