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Spectrum Noir Aquablend Pencil Sets

Spectrum AquaBlend watercolor pencils bring all the advantages of premium artist’s watercolor but with the control, ease of useA and convenience of a pencil. Use on dry paper, then wash overA with water for an immediate blended effect. Or for more intense color apply toA wetted paper, wet the pencil tipA directly or bring the brush to the pencil tip to pick up color.

Contains 24 watercolor pencils.

Spectrum AquaBlend is a new range of watercolor pencils for coloring, sketching and illustration.
Using only the purest high qualityA pigment, each color is fully water-soluble for unsurpassed blending andA coverage.


  • Pure artist’s grade pigment fully water soluble with no residue or staining.
  • Soft, thick 4mm core for flawless colorA laydown. Blends effortlessly when wet.
  • Superior light fastness, rated ‘Very Good’A (50-A­100 years).A 
  • Break resistant, sharpens to a fine,precise tip.A 
  • Encased in premium, matte coatedA Californian cedar wood.
  • True artist’s quality, affordably priced.

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CCSPECAB-ESS24 Spectrum Aquablend Pencils Essentials 24pc

Ebony Iron Grey Anthracite Gunmetal
Asphalt Dark Slate Gravel Fossil Grey
Black Umber Dave Grey Charcoal Brown Umber
Tobacco Nutmeg Ginger Coral
Apricot Honeycomb Squash Cantaloupe
Straw Champagne Alabaster Pearl White

CCSPECAB-FLO24 Spectrum Aquablend Pencils Florals 24pc

Watermelon Petunia Azalea Plum Red
Pink Tulip Violet Elderberry Hyacinth
Damson Fig Wild Orchid Aubergine
Crocus Blueberry Iris Primrose
Pineapple Papaya Persimmon Carrot
Strawberry Soft Red Cherry Rose

CCSPECAB-NAT24 Spectrum Aquablend Pencils Naturals 24pc

Bison Beeswax Wheat Sorrel
Clay Oak Hichory Brunette
Cherrywood Sky Blue Blue Marine Cobalt Blue
Midnight Blue Ocean Aqua Lagoon
Jungle Green Deep Forest Spruce Cypress
Oregano Pesto Green Kiwi Bamboo

CCSPECAB­PRI24 Spectrum Aquablend Pencils Primaries 24pc

Aegean Blue Regal Blue Sapphire Deep Blue
Opal Blue Indigo Parakeet Bright Green
Bottle Green Verdant Green Spinach Pine Green
Citrus Yellow Banana Sunshine Dandelion
Mango Chrome Orange Red Berry Ruby
Grapefruit Carmine Claret Currant