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Pentel Pocket Brush Refills, Black Ink 2-Pk

The Pentel Arts Pigment Ink Color Brush is a convenient, portable alternative to traditional brushes and inks, ideal for sketching on location.

Filled with permanent, black pigment ink that flows easily and dries quickly, the Pigment Ink Color Brush features a durable nylon tip that holds its point. The ink is acid-free, fadeproof, and water-resistant when dry.

Pentel Pocket Brush Refills contains 2 refills

  • The versatility of the Color Brush makes it easy to use between line and wash
  • The water-based dye ink dries quickly and produces rich, intense colors
  • The permanent, pigment ink is acid free, fade proof and water resistant
  • Durable nylon tip can flood wide strokes with solid color and then give a light touch to delicate lines
  • Refill barrels are easy to replace and the reverse thread stops any leakage

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