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Pentel Arts Oil Pastels - 50 Color Set

Pentel Oil Pastels apply smoothly and blend easily. They offer the artist clear, brilliant, long-lasting, and fade-resistant colors. Use them on paper, board, or canvas.

They are non-toxic, and they don not shed dust or pigment, which makes them an excellent choice for children, both at home and in the classroom. Individual sticks measure 2 1/2" (64 mm).

Contains 50-colors.

  • One of each: Black, Blue, Blue Green, Brown, Chrome, Yellow, Cobalt Blue, Crimson Lake, Dark Carmine, Dark Green, Deep Green, Green, Green Gray, Hyacinth Violet, Indian Red, Lemon Yellow, Lime Yellow, Naples Yellow, Ochre, Old Rose, Olive Green, Orange, Pale Blue, Pale Brown, Pale Green, Pale Vermillion, Pink Purple, Red Rose Madder, Salmon Pink, Scarlet, Ultramarine, Ultramarine Light, Vandyke Brown, Violet, Vermillion, White, Yellow, Yellow Gray, Yellow Green, Yellow Ochre, Yellow Orange.
  • Two of each: Pale Orange, Prussian Blue.
  • Four of each: Gray.

Color Chart

White Green Yellow Green
Cobalt Blue Pale Blue Black
Gray (4) Brown Red
Orange Pale Orange (2) Lime Yellow
Ultramarine Pink Van Dyke Brown
Yellow Ochre Deep Green Green Gray
Prussian Blue (2) Purple Old Rose
Pale Brown Vermilion Yellow Orange
Chrome Yellow Pale Green Blue Green
Ultramarine Light Violet Hyacinth Violet
Crimson Lake Yellow Gray Yellow
Ochre Pale Vermilion Salmon Pink
Blue Dark Green Dark Carmine
Indian Red Naples Yellow Lemon Yellow
Olive Green Pale Brown Pink
Red Rose Madder Purple Scarlet

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