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Montana Black Marker Refills

Montana BLACK alcohol-based PAINT Refill 200ml

      Consisting of a selection of 20 colors from the world renowned Montana BLACK line, the PAINT matches the equivalent Montana BLACK line spray paint color. The Montana BLACK PAINT is an acohol based, permanent paint with maximum UV resistance. It can be applied to almost any surface. Perfect for refilling Montana BLACK PAINT Markers. Use Montana BLACK PAINT for all kind of purposes like airbrush or in combination with brushes. Also great for use with the new Montana Empty Markers or refill for Montana BLACK PAINT Markers. Perfect for Airbrush! BLACK Marker & Refills:

      Color analogy: 90-95% color matching to the Montana BLACK 400ml spray colors, slight differences in finish may occur subject to ground or substrate used. Always test before use.

Montana BLACK alcohol-based PAINT Refill 25ml

      The Montana 25ml BLACK alcohol based DYE INKs are perfect in combination with the use of Montana Empty Markers, allowing clean and effi cient refi lling. Montana BLACK DYE INK is available in 9 low-viscocity DYE INK colors. The new Montana BLACK DYE INK series is the premium ink of choice for use in all empty marker types, and offers the infamous deep black color, "STRONG BLACK".

      The Montana BLACK DYE INK is an alcohol based, permanent dye based ink with maximum UV resistance. It can be applied to almost any surface. Highest-quality - MADE IN GERMANY.

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Available Colors for 25ml Refills

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Silver Red Green Blue Violet



Available Colors for 200ml Refills

Biege Easter Yellow Pure Orange Power Red Cardinal Acid Boston TAG-Green Black Silver
Baby Blue Horizon Ultramarine True Yellow True Magenta True Cyan Pink Cadillac Wizard White Gold