Molotow 60mm Masterpiece Empty Marker

The Molotow Masterpiece CoversAll Marker features a 60-millimeter tip. It is Molotow's biggest pumpmarker, with a patented Flowmaster pump-valve which provides a constant ink flow for quick application to large areas. The marker's ink is alcohol-based, permanent, high-covering, UV and weather resistant, quick-drying, abrasion-resistant, and perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

The 711EM Empty marker is refillable with MOLOTOWa„¢ Cocktail + ONE4ALL inks. It is also refillable with other Molotow Inks and Paints. Note: for best results with these markers, use alcohol-based CoversAll cocktails refill from Molotow.

  • 60mm MASTERPIECE - extra-wide high flow tip - empty pump marker
  • Refillable with Molotow refills
  • The ink flow is through 8 channels
  • Great for large areas and has exchangeable 60mm high-flow tip
  • Flowmaster pump-valve with patented capillary technology