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Marcio Kogan Studio MK27

Inspiration and Process in Architecture is a series of monographs on key figures in modern and contemporary architecture. It offers a reading of the practice of design which emphasises the value of freehand drawing as part of the creative process. Each volume provides a different perspective, revealing secrets and insights and showing the various observation techniques languages, characters, forms and means of communication.


Marcio Kogan Studio MK27

A diary of ten days in spring punctuated by meetings, lunches and site visits where the projects of an architectural firm in the heart of Sao Paulo shape up. Sketches, drawings, and diagrams tell, like still lives, of life inside the buildings. Through a universal language that acknowledges its debt to cinema, studio mk27, led by Marcio Kogan, compose and display their work in a poetic statement about one of the most important names in Brazilian contemporary architecture.


ISBN: 978-88-6732-693-8


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