Faber-Castell Natural Charcoal Sticks

Natural charcoal is the oldest sketching and drawing material in the world. The greyish-blue shade glides softly across the paper, rubs and smudges easily, and can be erased without difficulty and repeatedly overlaid. Many art students are taught first to make sketches in natural charcoal, even when working on canvas, before further elaborating the details of the picture.

  • One of the oldest drawing materials in existence
  • PITT natural charcoal is made by carbonising &resin-free twigs under exclusion of air
  • For uniform deep black lines
  • Available in 3 different diameters

Faber-Castell PITT Pressed Charcoal Sticks

The hue of natural charcoal has always held a fascination for artists, even the Old Masters.
Faber-Castell Pitt Natural Charcoal Sticks are made by carbonizing soft, resin-free twigs under exclusion of air. The sticks glide softly across the paper, rub and smudge easily, and can be wiped, erased, and corrected with a minimum of difficulty. Use them to make uniform, deep black lines in your sketches.

  • PITT charcoal of the highest quality
  • Produced from a fine mixture of soot and charcoal
  • PITT charcoal offers the deepest possible black and a soft stroke
  • Especially suitable for large areas
  • Available in 3 grades of hardness

Charcoal Diameter Scale