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Pentel Color Pencils - Assorted Colors - 24-Pk

The cores of these hexagonal, pre-sharpened pencils are glued to the wood casings, making them strong and break-resistant. The pencils work best on paper, but they can also be used on silk, cotton, and wood.

Pentel Arts Color Pencils are ideal for drawing, illustration, design, sketches, posters, murals, portraits, and caricatures.

Set of 24 - This set includes White, Lemon, Dark Chrome, Chrome, Dark Orange, Dark Flesh, Peach, Red Orange, Light Carmine, Pink Madder Lake, Magenta, Blue Violet, Light Cobalt Blue, Light Blue, Prussian Blue, Prussian Green, Jade Green, Grass Green, Apple Green, Reddish Brown, Raw Umber, Gold Ochre, Silver Gray, and Black.

Color Chart

White Dark Chrome Chrome
Dark Flesh Light Carmine Pink Madder Lake
Magenta Blue Violet Light Cobalt Blue
Light Blue Prussian Blue Prussian Green
Jade Green Lemon Dark Orange
Red Orange Grass Green Peach
Apple Green Reddish Brown Raw Umber
Gold Ochre Silver Gray

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