Chartpak AD Markers 132 Set

Chartpak AD Markers continues to be favored by illustrators, architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, fine artists, crafters and students.

  • Chartpak AD Markers are Xylene solvent based, permanent and waterproof. With three distinct line weights in one nib, the Chartpak AD Marker gives you complete control over your stroke.
  • From coloring and inking tight lines and areas to broad expressive strokes, the unique shape of the AD Marker nib allows you to create fine, medium and broad line weights with the shift of the wrist.
  • Chartpak AD Markers also hold more ink than competitor brands.
  • Our full line of AD Markers include 132 permanent colors including a complete range of pastels and greys.
  • We also offer specially designed sets and assortments to suit every purpose.
  • Brilliant colors and the control you need for limitless creativity

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