Molotow One4All 15mm Acrylic Paint Marker

The One4All 627HS is perfect for large area applications. The biggest marker of the One4All series, it is equipped with an impressive 15 mm broad-tip and are available in 18 colors. There are four exchange tips available: the 15 mm standard-tip, the 15 mm high-flow-tip, the 20 mm T-style tip and the 20 mm ZigZag effect- tip.

A special technical gimmick is the Flowmastera„¢ pump-valve that guarantees a controlled paint-flow. The more pressure is imposed on the valve the more paint can flow. This feature allows best writing performance on almost every surface. The mixing balls inside the marker make sure that the highly concentrated pigments are evenly distributed within the paint for optimal writing results. Therefore it is recommended to shake your marker well before use.

One4All refills are also available for the 627HS in 34 colors and two sizes: as 180 ml, as 30 ml bottle and as 5 x 10 ml Striptubes.

The highly pigmented, acrylic-based hybrid-paint is easily mixable with other One4All colors (for individual shading), it can be diluted with water (for translucent effects) or with acetone (for permanency on fatty surfaces). It works on almost every surface, is silk-matt, quick-drying, has an incredible opacity and is absolutely UV-resistant.

  • 15 mm standard tip - exchangeable
  • acrylic-based hybrid paint/dilutable with water or acetone
  • patented capillary technology
  • Flowmastera„¢ pump valve/mixing balls
  • high-tight cap with rolling stop
  • refillable with all One4AllTM refills
  • 18 colors
  • highly covering and UV-resistant
  • for nearly all surfaces/materials
  • indoor and outdoor use
  • Weight: 48.0 g

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The Molotow 15mm Acrylic Paint Marker

The Molotow 15 mm Acrylic Paint Marker

Refilling The Molotow 15 mm Acrylic Paint Marker